Alpha03 is here!


Bug fixes, a few new features, few examples in a folder from here… I hope you enjoy!





date: 31 Jan 2019

New Features:

  • (Max) init folder to create key shortcuts (shift-F to create a fluid. object)
  • (Max) bufview now has bipolar mode (and a helpfile)
  • transientslice and buftransientslice : now a minSlice argument to define the smallest slice available.

New Examples:

  • bufcompose macros and folder iterations
  • updating dict (mode 1) example in the helpfile
  • commented nmf in ‘real time’
  • commented impact of FFT size on nmf

Bug Fixes:

  • Max’s buffer classes small bug which caused crash in specific instantiation order
  • Max’s nmfmatch~ is now behaving with filter buffer changes
  • (Max) bufview works for small buffers
  • bufnmf is now returning updated filter buffers in mode 1
  • transient and buftransient - quality improved significantly with debounce fix
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