Can you use fluid.datasetquery~ to filter other datasets?

Not worth creating a new thread over this question, but how does fluid.datasetquery~ handle chained filter requests? Logically speaking.

Like if I just chain ands, that makes sense. Or if I just chain ors too.

But what does it do if you mix them up? For example:

[query1] and [query2] or [query3] and [query4]

Is that treated as:
([query1] and [query2]) or ([query3] and [query4])

or is each individual query an island? Or more specifically, what happens after the first different/new conditional? (e.g. and->and->and->*or*->and, or->or->or->*and*->or).

I could make test data and probe, but since the logic isn’t exposed, it would be quite tedious to try to deduce how this is being handled, and figured it would be easier to just ask.

Basically I’m going to add multiple filter/conditions to the next update of SP-Tools and I want to make sense of how they are chained as it may be easier to just limit it to one conditional applied to two filters and call it a day.