Catalina's compatibility in Sc

Hello, do you know when Catalina’s compatibility will be in place for the supercollider build?


This is a good question. @groma @weefuzzy and I were discussing the pros and cons not long ago, but I don’t think we agreed on a timeline. What I understood is that it is not trivial at all…

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So we’ve talked and so far there seem to be a hack from the Max community that might help you. We have not tested it since none of us are on the latest OS, but if you feel adventurous, let us know if that works for you:

Otherwise, I think that in the late part of 2020 at the earliest is the official answer for now, because it implies a lot of work and sacrificing some backward compatibility very dear to us.

Wow I’m glad I didn’t ‘upgrade’

Thanks for that! Unfortunately, for many reasons I downgraded to Mojave for now


I know I don’t know what I am talking about here, but doesn’t it just need to be signed? Or are there dependencies that also need to be?

SC has figured out how to make a signed build. And all of the SC3 plugins are now signed.

Asking because I was planning on getting a new computer this summer and planning on working on a lot of FluCoMa this summer as well…

I know that the SC community, and the Pd and the Max, are also working on workarounds from extension signature… we are on the case trying to find the most inclusive solution, don’t worry!