Chan start attributes count from 0 in max

This makes me sad, although I understand the technical reasons under the hood… Perhaps there can be a flag for this somewhere that allows different behaviour in different wrappers?


max is very inconsistent in its counting (channels, frames, lists processor) but most of the advance stuff counts from 0 so we sticked to that for now… adding a -1 at the front of your object should sort your problem :slight_smile:

Yes - but all channel counts in max are from 1. Max is indeed inconsistent, but not in this specific area.

Of course I can fix it at my end, but I’d prefer it to be easier.

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+1 for doing it how it happens in Max, but more importantly, whatever it is should be clear in (all of)the helpfile(s).

Each time I’m using a chan message, I have to make a peek~ to make sure I’m getting what I think I should be getting since none of the objects say where the chans are counting from.