Compiling for Raspberry Pi 4

Hi @weezfuzzy,
Well I couldn’t get pip to install everything I needed through the requirements.txt, however, disabling docs worked smoothly!

For reference this was my final cmake command,

cmake -DSC_PATH=/home/anony/src/supercollider -DFLUID_BRANCH=dev -march=armv8-a -mcpu=cortex-a72 -mabi=lp640 -UDOCS -DDOCS=OFF ..

Then I copied in the docs and also the ‘Resources’ folder from the pre-built release.

Thank you again ~VERY MUCH~ for holding me hand through these issues. I have only the moment to minimally test the build, and things seem to be working so far. In October & November & beyond I’ll be attempting to pursue some compositional activities with Flucoma, so I am sure I will have a bunch of (much more interesting) further questions to bring.