Fluid.bufnmf~ crash when addressing polybuffer

Sorry the title isn’t clearer. Calling ‘process’ method from fluid.bufnmf~ on a polybuffer, instead of an internal buffer inside that wrapper causes a crash. I feel that its an easy enough mistake to make that it should throw you an error.

Example patch and logs attached.


Yes, you’ve found the code path I was hoping no-one would find :grimacing: on the grounds that it probably would be weird. I will unweird this when I can work out how. For now
– Polybuffers and buffers should both work fine as destination buffers of any sort
– You can probably only use normal buffers as sources

Note that this is only a Max thing: there are only vanilla buffers in SC.

Nothing is safe…

Is this kind of information useful for you at this point in the development of the objects or will it likely be cleaned up implicitly as you keep working? Otherwise I can keep the bugs to myself :slight_smile:

I would say any bug you find, and particularly crashes, will be useful. In the worst case we will already know about it.

This is reproducible when feeding a polybuffer as source, but not when feeding one single component of a polybuffer as source (i.e. mypolybuf.1 works fine)

We will think of the best interface for that and come back to you, thanks!