Fluid.nmffilter~ ridiculous instantiation

Is there a reason why instantiating fluid.nmfilter~ with no arguments creates an object with (circa)10,000 outlets?


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I’m sure @weefuzzy will have a good explanation. I might have found a bug in this object anyway, so stay tuned!

Looks like less than 10000. Looks like whatever maxComponents defaults to (20). fluid.nmffilter~ 4 should give you 4 outlets,

What do folk feel a sensible maxComponents would be? Most Maxilicioous (but useless) would be 2, but I’d take some persuading.

I guess it’s problematic to have it just resize (on instantiation only obviously) to whatever the @bases is set to.

But barring that, I would default to something smaller (2), just for patching ergonomics.