Fluid.nmffilter~ screechy badness

Hi Flucomas,

I am not sure if this bug or behaviour which user needs to manage. When there is no signal connected to fluid.nmffilter~ it produces a consistent fairly high pitched tone even after being pointed to sensically concocted data from nmf~ land. Even connecting garbage signals like sig~ 0 solve the problem. This kind of blew my ears out at not a super high volume and is undesirable. Isthis a consequence of the algorithm or something that can be removed easily? You should be able to replicate on the help file patch by disconnecting inputs to fluid.nmfmatch~ when you have trained the nmf~ part.

My stuff:

OS: Windows 10
Max 8.0.6
sigvs: 256
iovs: 64
sr: 44100
overdrive: on

I suspect this is a variant on a bug that @groma just zapped for the next release, where NaNs could happen sometimes (that would explain the ear-splittingness thing, for which I am apologetic).

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