Link hosting internally vs. externally

@rodrigo.constanzo mentioned this at the plenary but internal hosting for files would be nice. I currently have a db folder for anything i’ve linked here and plan to leave it in place but I can see an issue where links go dead and thus threads might go stale and be useless in the future. @tremblap you seemed fairly adamant to not have internal hosting and I can guess some of the reasons for this but perhaps there should be an agreed way host files that is maintainable and reliable?

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Yup yup. I think being able to host patches should be a no-brainer, and even sound files smaller than like 5mb or something.

There’s only 20 of us or so, so it’s not gonna balloon up too quick, and it would be so useful if all the posts on the forum were able to stay alive.

I’m investigating a box drop folder, a sort of shared space. Stay tuned.

There’s still the issue of getting things into the dropbox.

(do we email you the files, then wait for you to post them to a dropbox, then send us a link that we then post to the forum?)

read my reply carefully: ‘a sort of shared space’. Stay tuned.

Please try the following page:

you should then see your file here:

How’s that for a working compromise?

I did just upload a very tiny file to test. Seems like a good compromise :blush::blush::blush::blush:

I coud be missing something, but then how do we link the relevant file on the forum? I only see options to “download” a given file.

(nevermind, you click on the link)

So is the idea that patches also end up in “AudioExamplesForum” too?

@rodrigo.constanzo no, just the files needed to support your examples. @jamesbradbury can I delete it now?

I mean more for bigger patches with subpatches/polys/etc… (like your piece/patch)

Would be a pain to have to do a "and name this file whatever.maxpat and then this file whatever2.maxpat and just go by copy/paste for the rest.

just zip everything together and post it there . -there are no file exceptions and only the team will have idying up access

Hmm, I could be missing something, but as per @tutschku’s reply in the descriptors thread, directly linking to the uploaded file results in an empty window.

I can corroborate. I had to go looking for it in the list.

the idea is that it is a share folder. not links to files. just name audio files appropriately and that should do the trick. I’ve also enabled direct zip attachements so you can put your patches directly in your posts. I hope this is a good way forward.

Ah right. Hopefully that doesn’t get too messy once we have a lot of audio files on here.

I take it it’s not possible to enable direct links using this upload method?

I’m exploring still, but it seems only the owner (of the folder) can. I’ll try harder.