Max objects outside of the released package?


Thanks for the great tools, have been enjoying using the Flucoma package for Max. I have also looked into the discussion here, and I see that people are referring to [fluid.kdtree], or [fluid.database], things I couldn’t find in the release, but could be very useful to my project right now. Maybe I missed “the proper” release, or are these objects not public? I am especially interested in [fluid.kdtree]. As of now, my entire “pipline” of cataloging slices of sounds is based on fluid.objects but using [mubu.knn] for the similarity lookup.

Thanks for the help,

Hello @balintlaczko

Thanks for your interest in the project and the kinds words… Indeed, we are working on various dataset and machine learning tools, but these are not yet public. Those who refer to that on the public list will be chastised :slight_smile:

Seriously, we are planning to go in beta in the second half of the Autumn and public in the first quarter of 2021. Keep an eye open for a call for beta tester on this forum when we are ready.


Ah okay, looking forward to it! :slight_smile: