Write message for fluid.dataset~ without arguments

Bit of a feature request here, to be able to send a write message to fluid.dataset~ without having to specify a path or file name. This would be consistent with most (all?) data objects in Max, not to mention it’s a bit faffy to have to figure out the path you want to write something to on the fly.

(not to mention that it also bypasses the OS-level overwrite checking/warning when sending a write message followed by a file name that’s already in use)

Funny. The way it acts is exactly how I want it to act in SC. Where would it default write to in Max?

I also love the overwrite. Gives me power.


With just a write keyword, it does nothing but prompt an OS/Finder window.

You can still specify a path (including overwrite) with a path designated (say for a buffer~ or whatever (e.g. /users/path/whatever/file.txt)). It’s just very un-Max-like to have to specify a path when prompting to write.

In SC if you say write does it manually dump it in a default location?


Also noticed that the read command works the same way. Makes swapping between fluid.dataset~s a bit clunky since you need long message windows with paths baked in.

Absolute paths are also faffy if you work on multiple computers/systems. Thankfully on my desktop/laptop I have my username and default paths all the same, but that could easily not be the case for many/most people.

No, but if you want the window prompt, you certainly have to ask for it. But you don’t have to use absolute paths either. For instance, I am pointing to a subfolder inside the folder where my class is located.

Some of the design funniness I think can be attributed to two things: having to run inside multiple languages and actually running its own program inside these languages. There are many things that are not SuperCollidery, like not being able to use all the oopy goodness, but I think that is because all the oopy goodness is behind the c++ wall for efficiency.


It wouldn’t be so bad if you could specify a relative path, or simply say write filename so it gets dumped in the same directory as the file, but fluid.dataset~ doesn’t seem to be happy with that either.

Yeah totally, hence the feature request-ness of this. Same goes for my request from a while back to be able to double-click fluid.dataset~ as well, which is also quite Max-y.

What’s a double-click?

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It’s what grandpa does when he wants to get on “the YouTube”.

The best way to do that for the foreseeable future is to put a savedialog object before. That is one object from your desired behaviour.

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