1.0.4 Release 🥳

Release Notes 1.0.4

Hi everyone,

Today we are releasing a new patch version of the FluCoMa toolkit. This includes very few changes with one significant change and improvement. In the coming week or so you will also see the Max package arrive on the package manager inside Max which should greatly smooth over the ergonomics of keeping up to date with any further changes. If you are not using the nightlies or compiling yourself, we highly recommend grabbing it from there, rather than from Github.


New Shinies

Interface Changes

  • Objects with modulatable parameters that effect the size of a list output (fluid.mfcc~ for example), now shrink and grow the list dynamically. The previous behaviour meant that the maximum was also preserved, padding unused values with a 0.
  • transient family objects now have blocksize and order capped at somewhat sane defaults, to prevent capping out CPU and entering spinning wheel of death / blue screen situations.


  • List output for signal in, control out objects fluid.mfcc~, fluid.spectralshape~ in PureData and Max were not changing their list size dynamically with parameters that would change the dimensions of the output. For example, changing the numcoeffs of fluid.mfcc~ would not alter the list size until the DSP was restarted. This is now fixed, and does not require a DSP restart to work. melband misbehaving when changing the numbands · Issue #182 · flucoma/flucoma-core · GitHub
  • Small error in how waveform~ channel offset was handled in fluid.bufnmf~ help patcher.
  • Other various help patcher bugs.

thanks for this! Are you planning on releasing M1-compiled plugins for SuperCollider as well?

as far as I am aware they are already FAT but @jamesbradbury will confirm. He has an M1 and is the master GitHub continuous integration brain…

Ah, IIRC we either talked about doing this or did it :laughing: let me check…

Indeed they are not fat but should be… I will get it working for the nightly builds and point you to it when its done.

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Can you try these new nightly builds for me? They should be fat.

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thanks for this, ill try asap.

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