1.0.7 is here!

1.0.7 Release notes

New Features

  • all: fluid.dataset has a kNearestDist (in brute force) to match the kNearest(bruteforce) - use with caution!
  • core: new C++ example on how to use the framework
  • max: new nmf examples
  • max: fluid.jit.plotter (thanks to @balintlaczko !)
  • pd: video tutorial patch example folder

Breaking Changes

  • all: fluid.normalise initialises properly from load (will break code that ‘thought’ the output range was saved)
  • all: buf slicers will behave as if padded by digital silence (will break slices that didn’t)
  • SC: FluidSineFeatures output array of arrays is the right shape - that’ll break previous code which relied on a single array
  • pd: removed the xy.pd abstraction that broke with Pd 0.54

Notable Fixes…

  • All: envelopes in AmpGate AmpFeature and AmpSlice behave the same all the time
  • Pd: the plotter is now much, much faster - and has new options as it is native in C and Tcl/TK

…and many smaller bug & typo fixes!




thanks - I forwarded to Cycling so it should be in the package manager soon - I know your package depends on it (and bug fixessss)

please let me know if there is anything wrong. I’ve do tests but nothing beats many-many-cadences (to quote Sky)

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Will do.I’ve been using the beta 1.0.7 as my daily driver since the nightly (including this workshop/tour thing) and no issues have come up (so far).

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for Max and SC there have been no change since the nightlies of the 1st of March so it feels pretty solid. Pd gave me a few surprises :face_vomiting: but that was for the best :speedboat:

now I’m working on 1.0.8’s main features and hope to release sooner than in 12 months :slight_smile: famous last words :skull:

1.0.9 might exist or not depending on @a.harker and @rodrigo.constanzo but the latter doesn’t know :smiley:

1.1 is the big one with time series but we’re still pushing stuff around to see how to make it work for real - at the moment fighting dataseries and datasets cohabitating.

here we go, youknow my timeline. notice, no times beside it though :sweat_smile:

it is all from last summer internship that pushed stuff forward…

(ok sorry for the emorjy)

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(what he said)

It is now live in the said Package Manager. Let me know if anything isn’t working as expected.