3d Corpus Representation

Has anyone had success in using a jitter.word to create a 3d representation of a dataset in the way that fluid.plotter is used for 2d? I noticed some threads from last year that discusses 3+d representation of a corpus but nothing recent or quite like I was imagining.

did you check the code of @balintlaczko in this thread? It still works as far as I’m aware…


In addition to @tremblap’s pointer, the group made something in an Utrecht workshop here. It is oldish now, so I can’t verify it still works but should be as simple as loading a dataset in and then clicking the top-most message boxes.

umap-draw.maxpat (14.4 KB)


Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for as a starting place. Works beautifully after a few reconnections for V1. If I manage to build anything off of this I’ll repost it here.

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Nice! Looking forward to it

here’s what I’ve put together after reworking the patch - I hope it’s useful to some. I put some basic instructions in the patch itself.
Flucoma_3dCorpusRepresentation.zip (31.0 KB)


Thanks for sharing, very instructive and inspiring :smiley: