A 3d visual browser

because squishing things into 2d is very often masking differences

The 3d visualizer would hopefully be a way to real-time browse the dataset


No reason to re-invent the CataRT wheel, but even as just an abstraction/bpatcher wrapped around some jitter would be super functional. You just feed it a fluid.dataset~ name (of appropriate dimensions) and it plots it for you.

It can also be “dumb” in that it will literally render the data set (in a normalized space), so if you want to put different things in each dimensino, you manually build the fluid.dataset~ you want/need, and redraw the the plot.

Actually, maybe using plot~ in Max-land would be good. It seems like that object (much like dict) can do just about anything, and has equally peculiar/sparse documentation. (less so for plot~).

Actually @laurens is the person to ask about this. Pretty sure he has 90% of what you want and you just need to plug the numbers in.

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This is gold