A new category

Dear all

After many people fed back to me that the (fantastic) depth of discussion of certain threads might be intimidating for people looking for quick wayfinding posts, we made a category for that very purpose of getting started, or finding one’s way out of a tricky burning question, or asking for pointers.

Feel free to move your own posts there, and I will slowly sieve the past to move things to there where a quick answer followed a quick question. This way we can keep the (very inspiring) more involved discussions going too.

You will notice I’m trying to avoid advanced and beginner here in the description - it is simply because on specific topics I am very advanced, and on others, I am still learning so much, so a place to ask a quick question and get a quick answer is definitely needed for everyone - the field is so big!

I hope to see you around.

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btw the naming of the category is still opened - how to make it welcoming to all - “getting started” alone might be misleading, “wayfinding” alone might be too poetic, “finding your way” implies the OP is lost, ‘beginners’ implies stuck intermediate might not belong (yours truly wants to feel welcome :slight_smile: As this thread is about feedback on this new category, feel free to geek out :slight_smile:

I don’t know how discourse stuff is set up, but is there a reason why the new category doesn’t show up in “latest” at all? This is my default browsing layout across all discourses, so I wouldn’t have known about the new category without you making this post:

If I click on “New” I see it there, but I never browse that.


Maybe because there’s only one post and it’s a sticky there’s “no posts” or something? But that doesn’t make any sense.

I guess it is that, as the sticky isn’t an actual topic:

indeed. I just need to start populating to give the tone

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