A new type of helper needed

Hello again

If you are afraid of nothing, and have time to try new objects, there are 2 almost done (a polynomial regressor and a voice allocator) which would benefit from early user feedback on interface and usability and examples. don’t expect our usual standard of helpfiles at this moment.

Max to start, quickly followed by the other 2. I would post links to binaries. Respond to this thread if you are interested and I can make a new group of beta tester here.

thanks for considering - even if just playing with the things and giving a quick gut feeling, this is good enough for us to continue our research in making the best interface for them


Yeah, lets see some links!

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Feel free to shoot me a link when the SC binaries are still warm! :slight_smile:

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Link me!


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Just downloaded the latest nightly thinking the objects would be in there, but they aren’t.

oh no, this is pre nightly pre pre release stuff here - although some of the scaffolding is making its way to the nightlies to make sure we don’t break stuff by adding features…

I would be interested as well. :slight_smile:


Sure I would be interested as well.


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