A "work in progress" thread/category?

I was thinking of making a “work in progress” thread showing some of the things I’ve been working on, building, and testing etc… as that may be of interest to people (including @jacob.hart), but none of the categories really suit that as there will be some links/videos and code, but not exclusively so.

What if we renamed the Code Sharing category?

That would work. Just “Sharing”? Or “Process/Code Sharing”?

I think ‘interesting links’ was intended to that purpose… we could rename that one, and keep the code sharing for the code relating to fluid corpus manipulation (any platform)

For people who browse by category (the forum default actually) that would just get lost in there.

I guess this idea is only/mainly applicable to the plenary composers and their work leading up to their performances, but I would be super into seeing people post things about what they are working on as it goes.

I see that being very different from “here’s a cool talk I saw”, which is what the ‘interesting links’ category seems best suited for.