Access to the underlying fluid synths in SC

I would like to have access to the synths that the Fluid objects create on the server, or at least be able to send them messages. I would especially like to be able to pause and unpause them so they are not taking up CPU while they are not in use.

So, if the FluidMLPRegressor had a pause and unpause method, all I would need to do is call that to pause and unpause them.

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I think you already do. again @weefuzzy magic will be at work here, but for instance, the kr query are addressing a .synth of the process. I presume you have checked the classdef though, so Owen will have more wisdom. What I don’t get is that it should not cost anything to run if you don’t query (trigger) or very little, so this might be linked to your bug report…

You have access through the synth property (not immediately obvious by looking at the class because there’s a chain of inheritence)

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