AHarker Externals 64bit beta

Here’s what I think is a pretty stable set of buildings;ds for 64bit max of my externals.

May be of interest to @tutschku, @danieleghisi, @tremblap and @rodrigo.constanzo if not others.
Please test and send bug reports for this set of externals only.




Just to be certain: this is with the old, reliable descriptors(rt)~?

Yes - that is correct

Super, thank you !! I will give it a try soon !!

Do you think we could also try FrameLib ? I have the source code but not the binaries.

My Xcode is currently broken and I barely use it. I have that bad habit to get rid of some of its useless components because it takes far too much space (iWatch, iOS simulator etc). And this time, I probably removed some wrong folders. :wink:

Hi Alex,
just tested the ibuffermulti~ without loading limits and it plays well with 6000 buffers. Thanks.
I will report, in case I’m running into problems.
Best, Hans

I can confirm that this new (2017 vintage) descriptors~ works and plays as it should (matching the analysis data of the previous version).

@pasquetje wait for the tutorials - they are coming soon.
@a.harker I hope it’ll be stable for the gig :wink:

I can confirm that these objects are those that I consider to be stable but I can’t confirm the exact status of any particular object, because I have not been officially versioning in between actual releases (of which there is only one) or making strict comparisons. That is why they are alpha. The best way to help me make them non-alpha is by testing. The majority of my initial testing was done through very heavy personal usage, but I’m not in a position to do that at the moment, so I’m putting stuff here to try and speed that up. If you want 100% known then the only option is the public 32 bit versions (which are not without bugs) or you can take these versions and test them as carefully as you can and let me know of any issues. For now that’s the best I can do.

That is wonderful. Thanks so much for this release, now I can drop my 32-bit Max app altogether :wink:

I realized I left off an important letter from my post.

What I meant to say is that I can confirm that the descriptors~ included here, works nicely.

Sorry rod - I misread your post (last week has been a bit variable for number of contacts in eyes) - thanks for this, and sorry for the noise.