Alpha-02 is ready!

(except for SC that has one issue - I’ll update the post here - sorry @spluta !)

The coding team has been, and still is, incredibly busy revamping the underlying code, but have managed to sort a few bugs, create news examples, improve one algorithm and make a new object!




date: November 5th, 2018

New Objects:

  • NMFMatch: real-time matching against fixed dictionaries as templates.
  • (Max Only): new GUI for multichannel buffer viewing (in NMFMatch~ helpfile)

New Features:

  • New parameter for NoveltySlice - a smoothing filter for the novelty curve
  • Breaking change for all Buf* objects (Max Only) - no more support for multibuffer~ - please use multichannel buffers

New Examples:

  • BufCompose help file: new example using MS and FIR

Bug Fixes:

  • all help files: many typos and bugs sorted
  • NoveltySlice: the detection is now normalizing
  • BufCompose rewrite

Known Bugs Still Unfixed:

  • Transient, TransientSlice, BufTransient, BufTransientSlice - the debounce is not behaving as expected
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The new help file for nmfmatch~ is nice, especially the object finder patch.

Perhaps just a note, the buffers don’t load with an audio sample for me. Are they intended to?

Did you put the whole folder in your research path? It is a package actually and should replace the other folder in your ~/Documents/Max 7/Package

Yep I totally replaced.

There is just nothing that actually loads an audio file in the patching.


some of them should be full, but not these. If you follow the instructions, do you get stuff out?

Awesome, will have a play with this.

One comment, which is more about documentation than anything else, but this “reference page” style help files (with citations and everything!) are a bit odd. I understand the usefulness of being able to see everything, but surely that kind of stuff can live in a reference file, with the first tab being a little (short!) blurb, and a basic implementation etc…

(I presume this is a byproduct of trying to have all the info/documentation be platform agnostic and not Max specific, but there’s probably a better middle ground)

Yeah sorry, techno-faff. I didn’t see the actual buffer is on the last page.

It seems like these are reference + help files and not just how to make them work in Max. Not trying to explain what they actually are or how they should be, rather how I interpret them pedagogically.

Yeah I get that. I just get excited to open a help file, only to be hit in the face with a book…

You are both right - some of this will go in the doc, some of this will be streamlined, some of this will go in the KE website review. It was pre-plenary book-in-your-face approach, but @weefuzzy has a master plan :wink: