Alpha01 is here

After a lot of tweaking and adjustments and bug fixes and interface changes for consistency, here we go, alpha01!

Questions, comments, ideas, welcome!


ps this is a parallel install to FluidDecomposition… some helpfiles audio might expect a shared folder… but at the moment I have both installed in parallel and it works :wink:


date: December 5th, 2019

New Features:

  • Breaking change: all dataset interfaces are streamlined, please check the help-files if you have coded something personally. This is likely to change again as we tweak the workflow, so feedback welcome.

New Examples:

  • All plenary example updated
  • All PA’s naive learning patches included
    (still underdocumented)
  • One-liner references in SC, imported as ‘ugly temp ref’ in Max for the interpolation and hybridisation objects (soon to be made clearer and less ugly)
  • SC: simple examples ported

Bug Fixes:

  • most, but those below still stand :wink:

Known Bugs:

  • bufnmfcross sound quality on large files could be less smeary
  • bufnmfcross: selecting boundaries of both input buffers is not implemented yet
  • SC workflow is slow because of many language-server sync (more streamlined workflow coming)
  • audiotransport is still quantised by bin (phase interpolation is not trivial)
  • audiotransport windows are restricted to fft sizes for now
  • MAX: (buf)audiotransport and bufnmfcross should be their own standalone object soon
  • MAX: bufnmfcross: progress bar does not work in blocking 0
  • instacrash with fluid.dataset [getPoint] on an empty dataset
  • Max: a few ref missing
  • Max windows compile on its way soon
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Also, don’t forget to look at the Example folder, where most examples are!

Can I make a mini feature request that the release package folders start having some consistency among them. The last TB1 alpha I have unzipped to “fluid_decomposition”, this one is now “TB2-Alpha01-Max”.

Perhaps something semi-sensible like “FluCoMa-TB1-Beta01” or whatever, with the project name first, a designation of which toolbox it is (until they eventually merge), and the current build.

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Very sensible. @weefuzzy is in the process of automating the whole packaging - at the moment it is yours truly that goes creative on it all, hence the inconsistenciessss … sorry!

Windows build is now included in the Max package (alongside the Mac build, as is the Max package way). Possibly this would make more sense if I re ordered the folders by environment first, rather than OS first, but for now go for FluidManipulation/TB2-Alpha01/Mac/ for both Mac and Win.

I haven’t tried Windows or Linux SC builds yet – is anyone waiting for such a thing?

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I like that this is still only semi-sensible :rofl:

We’ll need to settle on something quite soon, because the first toolbox stuff is heading for 1.0.0 and we’ll want to submit it to the Cycling package manager. I don’t think including the version in the folder name is the Done Thing in that context. What are people’s feels for
IMO, the ‘Toolbox [1|2]’ stuff only makes sense from within the project: it will cease to be relevant.

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Hehe, semi-sensible is right!

For the package manager you should have the full name for the package (Fluid Corpus etc…), but that’s too long for a folder folder. In which case, it depends on what you want long term. Will the final version of the software exist as multiple packages (i.e. one for ‘Decomposition’ and one for ‘Manipulation’)? Or will it be a single package. If the latter, then I would go with maybe just “FluCoMa” as the folder name.

Actually looking at packages, a bunch of them have long names with spaces (“MC Movement Studies”, “Digital Orchestra Toolbox”, etc…), so maybe just having “Fluid Corpus Manipulation” as the folder name too would be the way to go.

I see that sensible naming prevailed! (I was half expecting to unzip the Alpha02 and seeing Fluid02_final_FINAAAAAL_v2.1)

I’m loving the TB2-Alpha02-Max sitting next to my (zipped) TB2-Alpha01-Max`.

Not crazy about the MacOS part that was there and deleted it.

it was a late-night random decision. do not hold me up to anything there! :slight_smile: