Alpha04a: minor bug fix update

Dear all

This is a small bug fix on buf* behaviour for stereo sources, with examples. I hope this helps. Thanks to @jamesbradbury for the find, and @weefuzzy for the quick fix!


Change log:

Alpha-04a: quick bug fix and stereo toy examples of buf* processes

date: 7/4/2019

New Examples:

  • stereo toy examples to test and showcase behaviour of stereo buf* processes.

Bug Fixes:

  • stereo inputs to buf* slicing code were crashing the processes. now fixed.
  • (MAX) NMF example folder updated

Known Bugs Still Unfixed:

  • MAX: autocompletion of @arguments and in/outlet assist strings are on their way, but not yet implemented.
  • HPSS: percussive filter above 35 generate noises and glitches