Alpha05 is here (3 new objects)

Actually, 4 object, but 3 new functions :wink:

I hope you enjoy



change log:

Alpha-05: yet more new cool objects

date: 9 May 2019

New Objects:

  • bufSpectralShape: the buffer version of the same object
  • NMFFilter: running real-time nmf on seeding bases passed as a buffer
  • Pitch/BufPitch: pitch and confidence descriptor (3 different algorithms)

New Features:

  • (MAX) reset message in buf* objects now reset to instantiation values rather than defaults
  • (CLI) basic help is working (-h) to read the name of the parameters

Bug Fixes:

  • (SC) fftSize below 4 are now rejected as advertised
  • (SC) fixed the error handling of all buf* objects - getting a useful message instead of errors on the error string

Known Bugs:

  • MAX+CLI: buf* will be capped by maxfftsize default
  • HPSS: percussive filter above 35 generate noises and glitches
  • (buf)transient will hang the application if the order is set too high
  • small noise when starting fft processes, sometimes (hard to reproduce)