An editable segmentation visualizer in max

where the position of found markers can be moved around, markers can be added/dropped and the edited information could be used for the final segmentation.
Preferably as a zoomable overlay to the waveform.

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I want to say something like this has been in the works since the last plenary (or before). The lore has it that @jacob.hart made a thing, and then @weefuzzy was cleaning it up.

Even the thing that @leafcutterjohn posted ages ago, tightened up, would be amazing!

Didn’t @jacob.hart even share his original thing on here? Using FluCoMa tools with reaper

Anyway, this is ever closer to being done, to the extent that one can do anything much in JSUI. I’ll try and get it to an at least usable-by-other-people state and then ship sooner rather than later, for feedback.

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Link is dead now sadly.

But would be great to see what you made of it, even if it’s got some hair on it or WIP-y.