Analyse recording to lay out formal structure

hey, im using supercollider and beside trying out the corpus 2D explorer i havent used flucoma before.
I made some poor recordings on my cellphone last holiday and would like to take these to lay out a formal structure of a piece of music. I thought of maybe analysing the onsets of these recordings beeing used as triggers.
Are there any recommendations for this idea or any other ideas what to do with the recorded material in terms of formal structure?

You might find that FluidNoveltySlice works better for this than onset detection: with a larger kernel size, the novelty algorithm should latch more readily on to grosser segmentation points.

A caveat: When I’ve played with structural segmentation in python using a novelty algorithm I’ve found that something we can’t yet do with flucoma really helps, which is to downsample the features (by some means) before doing the segmentation. To make this possible with flucoma, we’d need to have a version of the novelty algorithm that doesn’t assume audio input.

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