Applications of Flucoma and Concatenative Synthesis

Hi everyone! I’ve been into a rabbit hole of cross synthesis and live audio mosaicing for months. I’ve been looking for some M4L devices or VSTs which uses this technologies but I’ve only found some academic documents, Google Colabs, and expensive IRCAM softwares. Best tools i’ve found are here, SP Tools by @rodrigo.constanzo and Point Zero by @encanti. Already existing softwares are Reformer Pro, Audiostellar, Factorsynth and a cool neural model vst called Neutone.

For cross synthesis, the options definitely shrink, and I’m not super up on the tech there. But for vanilla mosaicking there’s CataRT and MuBu as the OG heavy hitters. C-C-Combine (the M4L version) is also good too (though less powerful, at the expensive of being significantly easier to use).