Asinglewordisnotenough3 - the patch


As promised, albeit a bit later, the patch, the score, the notes and the album version of the piece I presented. You have there in the patch folder:

  • the calibration routine
  • a descriptor based granulator
  • my favourite compander
  • my favourite live reverb

I hope you enjoy some of it.


Did you mean to link some files?

no I just meant to be cryptic :wink:

(as a point of reference, for making the patch usable everywhere, something about the name of the master patch triggers Apples security thing):

This doesn’t happen with other .maxpat's so it’s not the extension.

I tried removing the “-Perf-Patch” bit, as well as the “–” but it wasn’t happy either way.

You can still select ‘open’ from within Max, but you can’t drag the file onto the Max icon. But it may crop up as a problem on a foreign computer or a non(OS)-techy person.

(this is from OSX Sierra, and presumably above where you cannot disable this behavior by default)

I get that with all my patches starting with - but this is a way to keep the right patch at the top. Feel free to change the name in your download. Usually I load from the load folder anyway, in order to chose which Max (5-6-7) I use for which patch :wink:

In that case, _ does the same thing (what I use), and doesn’t suffer from this.

Hi PA,

Practical question on your performances. You specify that the SR should be 44.1 kHz.
Did you have situations, where the entire concert system would run on 48 (which is pretty common now) and your patch at 44.1?
Does Max a good job in resampling on the fly?

Best, Hans

Without knowing in detail, I do know that PA likes his index~ objects, which would be presumably set to count at 44.1k-specific rates, so 48k-ing the performance could potentially mess with pitch/tempo of samples and processes.

Have you tried downloading another maxpat from the internet to see if it triggers gatekeeper? It isn’t just the extension, it is also the source of the file.

It downloaded as a zip and other maxpats open up just fine so it’s something with that file (probably the - as @tremblap pointed out).

I never had any issues as I never run at anything else than 44.1kHz - I usually go analogue for most gigs anyway, direct mic (no desk) so just outs to the desk. When I run the gigs, I run them at 44.1 - never any issues from other composers

Hello, Thanks for you amazing works. I’m from Réunion French a french island in Indian Ocean. I just discover FLUCOMA and your videos and works. I’m trying to download your patch “asinglewordisnotenough3.maxpat” without succes. Can you be nice to tell me how to do. Thanks.
I did a little .amxd with fluid.transport~for Live. How can i send it to you? I am a self-taught beginner and sometimes things escape me!!!hihi
Best regards
Joao Ferreira

Hello Joao

Sadly that patch is not made for teaching at all - it is quite advanced and convoluted so it is normal a “self-taught beginner” as you describe yourself cannot make it work!!! It was here to give advanced users who looked at the demo talk I gave of it the opportunity to play with it and see how I approach calibration for content-aware granulation and composed feedback.

I would recommend Max tutorials online to start with, then come back to the patch. Cycling74 has worked really hard to make it more approachable, check their website It might be clearer then, and then I could give answers to specific questions.

Hello Pierre-Alexandre,
Thank you, i’m very touched by your quickly response.
Let’s say I was a little modest. I’m not exactly a beginner. I have been programming MaxMSP, M4L, LOM for Live for over three years. And also not exactly a “self-taugher begginer”, i’m followed by an ex-trainer of IRCAM (Jérémy Labelle) and i myself have a degree in musicology at the Sorbonne. And indeed i follow the various vidéos of Cycling74 and other trainers.

My question was where or how can i download the patch “asinglewordisnoteenough3. maxpat or amxd”?

That seems amazing according to your présentation vidéo, and granulation is currently my favourite job. Obviously, I can pay for that if necessary. After downloaded, i think i can manage it because your explanation is enough clear.

Here is the link for our last work, Labelle (Live and programmation M4L) and me (flute and more live instruments): Labelle x João Ferreira - FRAGMENTS (private link) – Google Drive

Best regards
Joao Ferreira

Here we go, that’ll teach me to read people verbatim :slight_smile:

In that folder, you will find in which you have everything. The instructions are on the score aswine3-score+notes.pdf

let me know if you get stalled and I’ll help

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Hello Pierre-Alexandre,

Sorry to disturb you, but i don’t know how to find the folder with the “”!!!

Sometimes there are things that escape me.

Thank you anyway.
Best regards

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it’s ok, in this case the fact the link was not in the first post was a source of confusion, I’m sorry.

Hello Pierre-Antoine,

I was able to download all the stuff.

I was able, also, to open “–asinglewordisnotenough3-Perf-Patch” once. But other times it crashes. Max seems very unstable when opening it.

Give me some time to study all these, and I will come back to you.

Thank you very much for your quick replies.

Best regards and a bit of sun from Reunion Island.![:dolphin:]

Joao Ferreira