Audio Morphing for SC?

Hello all,
are there Flucoma tools/examples for Audio Morphing in Supercollider as described and exemplified here?

The available code seems only to existe for Max and Python so far…
Many thanks,

It is in the 2nd toolbox which is going public soon but @groma might allow me to to slip you a version before… Gerard, we spoke about putting the SC objects to the companion page, are they there or did we decide otherwise?

Wow, that is really exciting, to hear about the 2nd toolbox! Cannot wait to try out this code, id be happy if something becomes available.
Many thanks!

The SC code was not released with the paper but is now at the same level as Max in the private alpha releases. I guess the easiest thing would be for @jan to join as an alpha tester or wait for the beta.

hello groma,
id be happy to joins as an alpha tester, unsure though would that means practically and if it implies certain procedures? i might be a not so fluent programmer as many here,
but count me in if its in any way helpful! im really looking forward to try this out:)
greetings & thanks,