AudioGuide v1.7

Hello everyone!

Audioguide version 1.7 is now up on github ->

Lots of new features/interesting developments to report:

• AudioGuide concatenations can now be written to .aaf files and opened in Logic/Pro Tools. [video]

• Audioguide now has it’s own youtube channel, featuring a 5-part comprehensive tutorial on getting started with AudioGuide. You can also browse the whole tutorial by topic on the new tutorials page.

• You can now run AudioGuide’s main concatenation script in “interactive mode”, which allows you to quickly audition and modify concatenated outputs. [video]

• All audioguide concatenations can now be loaded into a bach.roll in Max/MSP. [video] You can use this interface to create acoustic scores [docs].

• Nadir Babouri created an AudioGuide package for the Atom Text Editor.

• Some quick examples ->

That’s all for now.
Happy New Year and may 2021 bring you much music and joy.


Congrats! This looks quite comprehensive and I look forward to trying it all!

@b.hackbarth As I was watching your excellent descriptor tutorial again, I wonder with my tricky sound if you can fork search criteria instead of fork corpora (or corpi as you call them)

(maybe that is a question for your software forum but I think these are ideas good for anyone who is doing that kind of research)

edit actually the helpfile’s first example is exactly that, I’ll explore more thanks!

Thanks PA.

Yup, there are a few “submethods” for the “parser” search pass method that follow the generic formula:

spass('parser', test, submethod, ifTrue, ifFalse)

And so you can toggle between descriptor lists too. I’m sure that there are many additional interesting submethods to implement though. Just thinking about it now, one could imagine having a fork between two different spasses (rather than two different descriptor lists with the same submethod). In this way you could nest spasses:

'noisiness-seg < 0.5', 
   spass('ratio_limit', d(f0-seg), minratio=0.943, maxratio=1.059), # ifTrue
   spass('closest_percent', d('mfccs-seg'), percent=10) # ifFalse

Also, thanks to some tips from @jamesbradbury, Audioguide 1.71 beta now supports writing concatenations to reaper files !


That is what I meant indeed, a full forking of the decision tree. There is already plenty to try there though so don’t rush for me :slight_smile:

Is that on devel now or is it hiding?

It is in master, there is just no release tag yet.

I also reshuffled the repo file locations a bit – all outputfile code now lives here

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