Basic studio training (EQ, comp, etc)

I’m looking for clever simple teaching material for (ear-based) studio techniques - this series is very good - basic but nothing stupid, some anchor in psychoacoustics, and some very clear down to earth tips and wisdom that are very good practice.

I also like this series from iZotope but it might be above beginner’s listening and mixing skills

This is quite cool too.

Indeed - I’ve finished them all (only EQs have exams). That’s the way I got to the other series. A conclusion from the exams: at the highest level, you test as much your listening environment than your ears. I could do them much better in a calibrated studio than on my headphone, and each uncalibrated settings (headphone, rooms, etc) had its registerer problems (I could not hear difference at a given range as it was altogether absent!) It might be obvious, but that is vindicating my (Katz-induced-) obsession with calibration :wink:

quite a good myth buster on linear phase vs minimum phase here:

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