Best Paperpaperpaperpaper!

Well. This doesn’t fit in a category, but our noble leaders, @tremblap @groma and @weefuzzy very deservedly just won best paper at the ICMC.

Bravo Cats!


Man, you scooped me! I wanted to thank everyone involved, as we mentioned this list and the 9 commissioned artists. The jury talked about the ecosystem of the project, so I am very happy we got it on the right grounds. Thanks to everyone on this list!!!


Wooooooo! :partying_face: :confetti_ball:

in case people want to make up their own mind:


Here was mine (with Alex Ness):

We may not have been the best, but we were number one.



It was a great paper, and I have had so much fun with the command line version since then! My favourite:

  • dirty synth in stretch factor of 1 as smeary reverb send
  • the same dirty synth stretched too long with the quality cranked to 11 (ok 4 but on a scale of 1 to 3)
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Well done lads


yeey congrats to all! so well deserved! :1st_place_medal:


Yes, well done!! I received the info from the ICMA mailing list but they didn’t provide a link to the papers, so thanks for that too! (The proceedings are not currently available for us commoners who weren’t at the conference).

I hope they will make them publicly available soon… or at least sooner than the 2019 edition (which is still not public :slight_smile: )

ok we’ve put the video presentation of the paper online, for the curious souls:

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This is an incredibly cool refinement of the paulstretch algorithm; I look forward to trying it out! I was also delighted to come across your rust implementation.

thanks liam. we worked real hard on it. and yes, rust is the best. i wish someone made a real-time rust-based language. i would use that!


I tried to make one a while back, but never got past putting together an audio graph.