Best way to get overall statistics about columns in a fluid.dataset~?

So I’m putting together some corpus-y stuff, and as part of that I’d like to know some general stats about all of the entries in a (column of a) fluid.dataset~.

For example, one column would be the mean of loudness for each sample in the fluid.dataset~. It would be super useful to know the minimum, mean, maximum, etc… for that individual column.

I could dump it all to a dict or coll and manually sort (or query min / max directly in coll), or go into entrymatcher to ask specific things as well), but I would imagine there’s an easier/native way to do this? Like dumping a column out as a flat buffer to then run into fluid.bufstats~ willy-nilly?

tobuffer then bufstats - make sure your transposition is right

Ah right, didn’t realize that.

It’s a little prickly to then make sure you have the right channel (or frame) going in to fluid.bufstats~, but looks like a good way to go.