Beta 2 fluid.list2buf question

I just re-re-re-re-downloaded beta 2 and can’t get list2buf work in Tod’s regressor video demo patch. list2buf still seems to be an abstraction. I thought it had been changed into an external ? perhaps I’m wrong. Anyhow, the argument @destination is not taken by the abstraction and the destination buffer ‘paramsbuf’ is never filled with values.

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Do you mean beta 2? The latest (with the externals) is beta 3:

If you did mean beta 3 then – if you dragged it in to replace the old installation – the OS possibly helpfully preserved the abstractions

  • do you see the corresponding .mxos in the externals folder of the package?
  • if so, then the abstractions are probably still lurking in patchers – just delete them

there was an error on the repo, so it means that for a few hours/days beta2 was the latest. It was fine, then not fine, then it is fine again.

the best is to check by sending any [fluid.buf*] the version message

Thanks, that’s it. Not sure how I landed on the beta 2 download page this morning.


Anyhow, it works with beta3 as intended. Thanks

A mess up with GitHub tags and workflow… for a little window the latest pointer was at beta2