Beta 4 is out - Max, SC and Pd!

Hello everyone,

Beta 4 is now live as the live latest release. This brings many fixes and a few new objects.

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1.0.0-TB2.beta4: Change Log

Date: November 5th, 2021


  • fluid.waveform~ is a new JSUI abstraction that allows you to draw and overlay the contents of audio, feature curves and segmentation from buffers in a visual display.
  • FluidWaveform is the SuperCollider class that mirrors the Max JSUI abstraction.
  • SuperCollider has a a new class, FluidPlotter, that allows you to plot points in a two-dimensional canvas.
  • Pure Data now has an abstraction that mirrors the functionality fluid.plotter.

Interfaces and Behaviours



  • Copy the jsui and js folder when building the Max package.