Beta02 is here, with multithreading!

Dear all

At last, we are quite happy with the interface and behaviour of various multithreading possibilities. There are a lot of small (and medium) bug fixes too.

Here is the changelog, enjoy!


beta-02: multithreading!

date: 9 October 2019

New Features:

  • Max+Pd+SC: multithreading for all buf* objects! Make sure to read the tutorial on how to make the best use of various threading options you now have.
  • Pd: stereo examples of fluid.buf* objects are done
  • CLI: BREAKING CHANGE: new executable naming convention, because we want it to be fluid.
  • CLI: CSV file output type
  • Max: new audio player in some help files, adapted from C74’s [demosound]
  • pd (0.50.1+) lauching of html ref from the helpfiles

Bug Fixes:

  • (Max) Reference pages are more complete (with all messages)
  • (Max) Help patches better at making sound straight out of the box
  • (CLI) Some audio file format were wrong polarity, now sorted
  • (CLI) Mangled wav files on windows sorted
  • all: many little tweaks here and there, more stable and consistent documentation

New Example:

  • (all) nb_of_slice is updated and more intelligent

Known Bugs:

  • BufNoveltySlice might generate garbage strange values in the first frame
  • AmpSlice is noisy when some parameters are changed
  • (Max/PD) Successive use of some fluid.buf* objects with buffers of differing sample rates will stick at first sample rate received

Has the Mac/Max version purposefully skipped out on the package-info.json file?

oops. I messed up the compression. I’ll reupload now