Beta5 Release

Release - Beta 5

Hi everyone,

Today we are releasing Beta5 of the Fluid Corpus Manipulation Toolkit. If you’ve been using Beta4, then there are lots of changes! Lots of them are listed here: Announcement: Release (Not Release) so I’ll refrain from listing every change, and only those that have been added since that post. Do check the post out if you haven’t already.

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@weefuzzy has been writing a test suite on the C++ core code, meaning that we should be able to catch bugs and squash them much easier. These are really important for the code as the project goes forward, especially beyond the life of the project.

BREAKING: BufAudioTransport now uses sourceA and sourceB in place of source1 and source2 for parameters. This affects all CCEs and code using the BufAudioTransport

BREAKING: Using novelty slicing with MFCCs will be possibly affected due to ammending the upper frequency limit of mel bands in the NoveltySlice algorithm.


FIX: Clearing fluid.plotter~ now clears labels which set colours (previously didn’t clear at all).

FIX: Default fluid.plotter~ colours are now marginally easier to differentiate.

FIX: Max buffer~ references are now freed safely

New help files! Please check them out and give us any feedback you have.

  1. fluid.dataset~
  2. fluid.loudness~
  3. fluid.grid~
  4. fluid.bufloudness~


ENHANCEMENT: Allow for reading/writing subvectors to/from buffers and control rate streams with FluidBufToKr and FluidKrToBuf.

ENHANCEMENT: Calling the constructors on NRT and Data objects can be set in the NRT queue.

An example:

b = Buffer.alloc(s,2);
a = FluidDataSet(s);
c = FluidDataSet(s);
d = FluidNormalize(s);


No significant changes since Release Not Release.


No significant changes since Release Not Release.



A couple small things I’ve found so far.

fluid.buf2list throws up a red error:

fluid.buf2list: “buffer” is not a valid attribute argument

But when you double click it, it goes nowhere.

The fluid.loudness~ help file throws up a yellow error when opening it:

fluid.loudness~: maxWindowSize value (19200) adjusted to power of two (32768)

That attribute has been source for a little while now. Is that working?

A yellow error is a warning, and that’s not telling you anything to worry about (although I thought we suppressed warnings at object instantiation some time ago, so that might be a regression).

Actually, the reverse: it looks like we went to some effort to make sure it would issue a warning at this point, back in 2019

(edit) but the fluid.loudness~ helpfile has been updated, which is what’s triggering it. We can stop that, at least.

Yeah, that works fine. More just pointing out that normally “red error” messages jump to the object that complained about it when double-clicking. fluid.buf2list does no such thing here.

Gotcha. This was just pointing out that the default help file was throwing up errors, rather than me coding up anything.

That message is issued by Max, not us, and probably behaves that way because the object doesn’t yet strictly exist when its processing box arguments. The same thing can be seen if you do something in a native object like [delay @walrus iamthe]

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This is quite minor, but the mix of 12point and 13point font sizes across the helpfiles is really doing my OCD-ness in!

The 10x10 grid (@jamesbradbury’s doing I’m sure :slight_smile: ) doesn’t help, but that doesn’t matter once you copy/paste bits of boilerplate out.

I’m basically unwilling to make help files without a grid so unfortunately that is there to stay.

Is there any instances of 12/13 mixed in a single help file. That sounds like I need to go and normalise all of those fonts!

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fluid.dataset~ has an assortment of font sizes (and grid sizes too!). I suspect that may be the case for helpfiles that have bits from different “eras”.

I just commented on the grid as it’s “non-standard” from native helpfiles. Those don’t matter so much as once you copy/paste it’s irrelevant.

I just pushed the changes to this onto our repo. I;ll keep an eye out now on

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