Buffer compose question

I made a small patch to concatenate sound files from different folders into one single buffer. That will help to build analysis sounds for entry matcher.
The logic is the following:
load sound into source buffer
copy to end of destination (which is 0, when we start)


Question: this syntax gives an error at the first stage, when the destination buffer is still empty

process source 0 -1 0 1 1 $1 destination 0 -1 0 1 1 0 destination
($1 is current value of destination ‘end’)

Could an empty buffer not just be ignored, instead of throwing an error?

Workaround for now: resize the destination at beginning to 10 ms and fill with zeros.

link to patch:


we discussed this but decided that for the first instance it would be good enough not to consider the exception of an empty buffer. I’ll add that to the feature request of the object.

I just had to work around this too, for an example patch I made for @rodrigo.constanzo. I agree it’s a pain, and probably too much of a restriction. Originially you couldn’t include the destination as a source and it made more sense that both sources should be valid, but less so now.

I see that Rod’s question was exactly what you’re trying to do, so maybe the patch will be useful to you too: