Bufmfcc~ output

Perhaps I am misunderstanding something but bufmfcc~ should produce a channel in a buffer~ for every coefficient not ever band (@numbands & @numcoeffs respectively). Whenever I analyse with bufmfcc~ I get the buffer being resized to have an amount which is not the numcoeffs. Example below:

My processor:

My buffers before processing:

My buffer after processing:

I am assuming this is a meatware issue as I’m still getting my head around these objects - but I feel like I am also going a bit mad too. What should I be seeing as my output? Is it my responsibility to just take the number of channels that I specify?

You are misunderstanding the maxNumCoeffs argument. You are not providing an argument, so you get the default of 40. One day, it will behave and guess from the numCoeffs, but at the moment, you have (as a workaround) to write the maxNumCoeffs as the first argument so

fluid.bufmfcc~ 13 @source ...

same with the CLI

Great, thanks for the clarification. I assumed it was a mistake in the max ref where you might have rename the attribute. It works now!