Bug in the Tutschku example collection's NMF Model

I’m experimenting with the downloadable Hans Tutschku examples found here https://learn.flucoma.org/explore/tutschku/ and trying to build a database with the example patches.

In the second part of the collection there seems to be a mistake somewhere in the patch and the console gives an error "counter: doesn’t understand “buffer” when hitting the analyse button. I’m not that familiar with the FluCoMa objects and the structure of the analysis patch so it’s too much for me trying to find and fix the bug.

Any help? Thanks!

Hi @5ibl1

Just a guess until I (or someone) has time to go through patch properly, but it sounds like it’s broken because it predates a change we made to the output of the buffer based objects some time ago (instead of a bang they now output buffer <output buffer name>). So it should be fixable just by inserting a [t b] into the patchcord going into the [counter] in question.

Did you just download the patch? If so, I’ll make an issue and see if @jacob.hart or someone can update it.

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