C-C-Combine (concat resynthesis M4L device)

Rather than post this in the interesting links thread, I’ll make a new thread for it since I’m gonna post a fair bit of text.

Here is a link to the last build of the M4L device:

And a link to some additional corpora for it:


Here is a simple ‘getting started’ guide.

  • There are 4 built-in corpora that you can load via the CORPUS loading section. You can load more via the load custom entry in the corpus select menu (either ones from the additional corpus zip or ones you’ve created.
  • Once a corpus is loaded, the device is ‘running’. If you play audio through it, you’ll hear it resynthesized by the loaded corpus, by default.
  • You can also select between the current, or all loaded, corpora using the current/all toggle. With this you can get some really interesting results by choosing what corpora you choose to load/combine.

*Most of the change in sounding results will come from the PLAY section. Play around with the smooth / chunky toggle, and smear. Pitch and glitch have more extreme impacts on the sounds, as do the various envelopes you can apply to the grains.

More advanced bits:

  • Once you are playing audio through it (at least 5 seconds worth), select the learn input entry in the normalization section. This will match the input audio to the corpus so that you can access more of the corpus based on your input (like if you only have high pitched sounds, you can still trigger low pitched sounds in the corpus). You can then press the NORM button to enable the normalization.
  • The MATCH section tunes the matching engine. You can tweak the select knob to get more or less matching overall.
  • The individual descriptor knobs in the MATCH section lets you dial in really specific querries since the underlying code will reorder based on how the knobs are set. For example, turning a descriptor knob all the way down stops searching for it, so play with these knobs to get some quirky settings (centroid and pitch turned all the way down, with loudness/noise turned up 3/4 of the way).


An important thing to mention is that the beta linked above still has a couple of little bugs and bits (if you encounter any, do let me know), but quite critically the “Clear Current” menu entry is not connected in this version. If you want to “remove the current corpora” you have to “Clear All” and then manually loading the corpora that you want.

Also very important, if you are opening the M4L device in Max itself, make sure you turn audio on before opening the device, otherwise Max will hang.

Lastly, I am attaching a patch two patches.

thanks for the share. Since it predates the project, I’ve put that in the interesting link category.

Thank you !!! Very useful. I will SOON make something with it.

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