Calculation global ratio of high level over silence moments in a buffer?

Hi there,

I’m trying to find a way to analyze a buffer in many ways.
One of them would be : the ratio between moments when the sounds level is under a threshold… and when the sound level in over this one.

For getting a sense of sound/silence ratio.
Could even use two thresholds. “Silence like” would be if level is lower than thresh 1, and “Sound” would be if level is greater than a thresh 2.

If that’s sound/silence ratio, 1 would me ALMOST NO SILENCE, and 0 would mean a lot of silences.

Would someone help me here ?

I start to be familiar with fluid.bufloudness and how to pipe analysis next to it but I’d still need an hand :slight_smile:

this is similar to this question, no? Trying to extract the ratio of moments of silence vs sound in a recording - #2 by tremblap

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(I’m very sorry, total full double yes)
(maybe we can delete this one)

nah let’s keep it - they are bound in love forever :wink: