CataRT as Max4Live (and another cool project)

announced today: SKataRT | Ircam Forum

which made me discover this other project that might interest people:

These are interesting higher-level entry points to corpus manipulation which might interest people. Gateway drugs to MuBu and/or FluCoMa after :smiley:

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That makes me think of @rodrigo.constanzo presentation of his version of such a thing (which is not public yet or I’m missing a link)

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Arghhh it is behind the IRCAM paywall. So I won’t be trying it. @rodrigo.constanzo when is yours coming out?

Indeed, they love their paywalls.

It’s been kind of done for ages now. I just haven’t had the energy to put the finishing touches on it and see if there’s any final bugs. It’s Mac only at the moment as well. I’ve passed the link around tons so it’s kind of “out there” though not directly found on my page:

I may just update that link on my page and say that it’s likely to be updated etc…

ohhhhhh sexy! Can I push it on the thread on Facebook where someone was bragging about you?

Yeah go for it. Would be worthwhile including the talk from the first plenary where I explain it would be good too. So people know what it’s doing and how to use it.

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I did point at your talk already, but it is good to be able to point at the code.

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Here: Quick Start - SKataRT Documentation

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Interesting indeed. I thought the MuBu stuff was all about them MFCCs, but maybe for that kind of mosaicing “crude” descriptors are better?

They have extensive workshop experience with musicians, so I reckon these 4 are the simplest to adequate to perceptual mapping, and 1 to 1 has always been the CataRT way…

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