Chord recognition with Flucoma

Hi guys!

I would love to try how well Flucoma can do chord recognition. Do you guys have some code examples I can use to get started? Any chance in python? I know there is the Flucoma-Python library, but don’t know how to get started with it…

Also doing ML with Flucoma would be something I’m interested. For example using the SALAMI or CASD dataset.

Cheers, Lorenz

Hi @shrenz, welcome!

I’m not sure if there are any chord-recognition-specific code examples floating around, but you’ll probably want to be looking at the Chroma analysis. Let me know if that get’s you rolling or if you have more questions to get yourself started!

I don’t know these datasets. What are they and can you link to them here?



Thank you Ted!

Here are the datasets I was talking about. They represent chord annotation data in 2 different formats: