Chroma experience

Paging @spluta and @tedmoore and maybe @groma and @weefuzzy

I find that chromagrams to sort chords are a bit fragile. so far, I need to set the frame/fftsize quite high and be wary of noise/edge cases. Also, the various normalizations we offer help a bit, but not always as I thought it would…

Any good practice hints? I want to make an auto-ambient and try to cluster by chordal proximity. It works but is not 100% accurate all the time.

When I was doing some chroma stuff with instrument multiphonics i remember twiddling the min freq & max freq a bit since i don’t want noise in the low registers to be included, etc.

I also am pretty sure i used a hand rolled max pooler (with a leaky coefficient) and used loudness-weighted stats

that all seemed to work pretty well for me!

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I’ll give that a spin, thanks!

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