CLI for select objects from TB2

What is the possibility of having some of the algos from TB2 made available via CLI? I’d like to port them into REAPER to get a bit more hands on with using them in a sound design capacity. Taking a look at the wrapper now I believe some objects might automatically be able to go without much modification. fluid.bufaudiotransport~, fluid.bufnmfcross~ for example.

Is there some complexity to this I am missing? Like a new wrapper being required?

Pretty much :laughing: There are two big changes, and a bunch of smaller ones. The big ones are allowing for objects to expose arbitary messages (like fit, transform etc), and to handle pools of objects that have names (like FluidDataSet and FluidLabelSet). Because both changes were implemented swedish chef style, they have wrought havoc on the Max and SC wrappers (which have bloated as a result), and changed the API for objects in some messy ways. The plan is to refactor out some of this badness before doing the PD and CLI stuff.

With that said , I’ll do some gratuitous speculation:

  1. the whole business of named objects doesn’t obtain in the CLI context: a ‘dataset’ will have to be a file, and – in the first instance at least – I imagine chaining together operations will be done through shell scripting.
  2. The messages is a more interesting one, but (off the top of my head), something like the git convention of git <verb> would be the way, e.g. FluidKDTree knearest --model myfitttedtree.json --data somedatapoint.csv
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This looks quite pretty. Although please lowercase that binary name for my eyes :). So I assume the more simple objects that do nothing with datasets but operate on buffers suffer from some differences in the way the wrapper looks now. I look forward to some CLI things to play with :slight_smile:

references to Muppets are always making a great day.

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