Command line on windows

Hello team,

I am having issues getting valid outputs from hpss and nmf on windows command line tools.

Here are my arguments:

hpss -source "C:\Nicol-LoopE-M.wav" -harmonic "C:\Users\James\Documents\hpss.wav"

These are definitely valid files as they work on my MacOS machine as well as in Max on windows.

The output file can’t be read by anything VLC, Reaper, MPC or Quicklook.

Here is an example output that doesn’t work.

Not really sure how to go about debugging this as I don’t get errors in the console.

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I’ll investigate, and will see where I get with it


Do the other CLI programs generate valid wav files on windows for you?

Yes, with NMF I get the same looking file out.

Right, I missed it in the original post, so the problem must be in the CLI wrapper or wav writer on Windows. Assuming you are using the latest beta.

Ill test with the latest, I think I was one behind before.

I still get an invalid file on the newest update.


These are the errors I get in Max when I try to drag and drop the file directly into a blank patch and when I try to load it into a buffer.

Have you tried in Reaper? It is sturdier at opening about everything, and you can see the wave too… or absence of thereof!


ok I also found another bug in there, so let me dig deeper.

This is confirmed, and I’m making an official bug report. Thanks.

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This is a weird one, but if I open it in a text editor I do not see the opening “RIFF” - there is a a “WAVE” and a “fmt”, so it looks like the right kind of stuff is in there, but it’s not a valid wave file as it is. Might be something to do with detecting the endianness, although windows and Mac are both intel, so it is weird…

Im on an AMD processor by the way.

Is your AMD processor big endian or little endian?

[should be little endian, which I think may be an assumption of the code]

Also - is it just n/f and hpss, or all processes that produce incorrect output?

This is very important to know.

I’m not near my windows machine right now so I can’t tell you till this evening.

Can confirm it is all algorithms.

Has anyone but James actually generated bad files on their own version of windows? I cannot reproduce from a fresh build.