Command line tools?

Hi, is a command-line version of some tools something that could be imagined?
Some of them might be extremely useful (e.g. noveltyslice). If one wants to run it on several GBs, this is something cumbersome to do in Max.

eventually all the client code will be released in C++ with command-line examples/tests. @groma and @weefuzzy will let you know…

The two things don’t really relate (i.e. test code and a proper CLI).

Anyway: I agree that a proper CLI would be useful, and I think at least one other person brought it up at the plenary. We’ll have a think about the best way to go about it!

Surely the best way is to write a wrapper for the clients that is for the CLI environment (instead of max/supercollider/pd) - isn’t that the most minimal and maintainable way to support this? Buffers will become files, for which we can use the HISSTools file stuff, unless being GPL is acceptable (as libsndfile is GPL only).

That’s pretty much the gist of my thoughts, yes :smile:

+1 for all of this :slight_smile:

absolutely +1 too :wink:

+1, that would be very useful to me too

It seems the dev team is considering this a good idea, once some deep refactoring is done. So it will happen but not in the next week as far as I understand. We will announce here when it is done, thank you all for your interest.