Compiling command line with AVX off?

Is there a way to compile without AVX? I have someone who has e-mailed me and cannot get the command-line tools to work. After some digging its the age of his machine, however, they are capable of building the tools themselves. Is it somewhere in the CmakeLists?

Oops sorry, classic case of RTFM.

This shouild be what I need?

The build system generally assumes an x86 cpu with AVX instructions (most modern x86 CPUs). To build on another kind of CPU (e.g. older than 2012) you can use the FLUID_ARCH cache variable to pass specific flags to your compiler. For example use -DFLUID_ARCH=-mnative to optimize for your particular CPU.

Yup, that should do it for them (assuming they’re using GCC/clang. For MSVC it’ll be the corresponding /arch flag

Cool, thanks for the confirmation. I’ll let you know how they go if they get back to me.