Crashes on launch and during use

I am having issues with MAX crashing on launch on my Flucoma patch. It will crash on launch about 40% of the time and then work fine. I occassionally get crashes during the segmentation process as well.

SCIv2_KnnLiveMatcher_grains_3dconcat.maxpat (308.4 KB)

you’ll need these objects (sorry should package them in):
Brook_Playback.maxpat (13.5 KB)
Brook_BufferRecord.maxpat (2.8 KB)

Hey again!

Which version of FluCoMa are you using? I’m not having any issues loading the patch.

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@jamesbradbury – I’ve managed to reproduce now
@brookt thanks for the report. You’ve discovered a bug in fluid.stats’ argument processing. A workaround would (I hope) be to do this for now:

Turns out there’s some memory corruption as a result of this bug, so the symptoms will be variable (hence intermittent crashing). I’ll put a fix in today, so it should be in the next nightly.


I’m using the latest version (beta 5) on a mac M1 as well as windows 10 amd computer.

I already had an @size 64 argument on my fluid.stats object - is it somehow different to loadmess it in?

Only for the purposes of trying to avoid this bug. Normally the effect would be the same.

(The bug is an array overrun when reading the attributes in the box when the object is created. I pushed a fix earlier, so it’ll be ok in the next release)